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What is bamboo vinegar

Bamboo vinegar , also called "竹 酢 液", is a liquid product obtained from the pyrolysis of bamboo. It is a liquid mixture with a very complex composition, more than 300 type ingredient. Its main components are water, organic acids, phenols, ketones, alcohols and other substances. Its formation process is very complicated. . The output of bamboo vinegar varies with the type of bamboo, the moisture content of the bamboo, and the pyrolysis process. Its composition also changes with the collection method, pyrolysis temperature, storage conditions, etc. Bamboo vinegar is 100% natural, organic and 0 additive. It’s 100% safety to use for human being, plants, farming, soil and groundwater remediation.

Bamboo vinegar benefits

Bamboo vinegar liquid has many functions. It has good permeability and absorbability to plant and animal tissues. It also has the effect of eliminating the odor of livestock manure and kitchen garbage. Bamboo vinegar can also play a role in plant hormones. Adding a trace amount of bamboo vinegar to crops can promote plant rooting, germination, and growth, and make the fruit taste better. In short, it can be widely used in various fields such as agriculture, medical treatment, and health care.

Bamboo vinegar health benefits

1. Sterilization
Bamboo vinegar liquid can be used directly. For example, if you spray bamboo vinegar liquid directly on stinky places such as bathrooms, it can eliminate odors and keep the air fresh. One spray can last for 3 to 5 days. In summer, it can be used to eliminate the odor of sweat on the body and make people feel cool.

Bamboo vinegar has a therapeutic effect on athlete's foot. Soaking and cleaning athlete's foot in bamboo vinegar can relieve itching and cure it. Generally, soak in bamboo vinegar for 0.5 to 1 hour, take it out and dry it.

2. Prevention and treatment of tinea pedis

3. Antibacterial and sterilizing
Bamboo vinegar liquid is applied to wet wipes and has obvious antibacterial and sterilizing effects.

4. Maintain skin
Bamboo vinegar liquid has a good skin care effect and is extremely effective in the treatment of skin diseases, acne, and athlete's foot.

Bamboo vinegar benefits for hair

Bamboo vinegar liquid has small molecular bundles and high penetration into the skin. It can deeply remove dirt and soften skin cuticles, prevent dry skin and hair loss. This can improve the condition of the scalp and balance moisture and oil on the scalp.

Bamboo vinegar advantage

The average removal rate of natural bamboo vinegar liquid for various harmful substances such as formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene in the air can reach more than 95%, truly eliminating the erosion of harmful substances on from the source.

1. Purely natural: Bamboo extract is a pure plant extract and does not contain any chemicals or toxic substances. 100% natural.

2. Organic products: Bamboo extract has been certified as an organic product by the Nanjing Guohuan Organic Products Certification Center. Compared with other similar products on the market, this is the core competitiveness of bamboo extract;

3. Safety: non-toxic, harmless, non-irritating, safe and reliable for the human body, the final reaction products are carbon dioxide, water and other harmless substances, and will not produce secondary pollution;

4. High efficiency: Natural bamboo extract can efficiently react with odor molecules and harmful substances in the air, change their molecular structure, convert them into harmless air and water, and increase negative oxygen ions.

Bamboo vinegar uses

Bamboo vinegar for plants

Rice growing increase 15% after use bamboo vinegar
Corn growing increase 10% after use bamboo vinegar
Wheat growing increase 15% after use bamboo vinegar
Barley growing increase 14% after use bamboo vinegar
Bean growing increase 13% after use bamboo vinegar
Vegetable grwoing increase 20% after use bamboo vinegar
Tomato grwoing increase 18% after use bamboo vinegar
Strawberry grwoing increase 9% after use bamboo vinegar

Bamboo vinegar use as foliar fertilizer

Bamboo vinegar liquid can increase fertilizer efficiency by 30% to 50%, and is especially suitable for use as foliar fertilizer and flush fertilizer. It is especially suitable for use in chitin, seaweed, fish protein, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, microorganisms and others. Some organic liquid fertilizers are used as high-osmosis synergists, which have good disease prevention and antibacterial functions. They can also extend the freshness period of flowers and improve the comprehensive resistance to drought, cold, disease and other stresses of flowers, bamboo seedlings and lawns.

Bamboo vinegar for preventing avian influenza in poultry industry

For H1N1 & H3N2, bamboo vinegar kill the virus up to 99.9%; for Escherichia coli, bamboo vinegar kill the virus up to 90%; for Staphylococcus aureus, bamboo vinegar kill the virus up to 60%; for Candida albicans, bamboo vinegar kill the virus up to 20%. Bamboo vinegar can directly spray around the chicken houses to kill bacteria and viruses to increase chicken life health and avoid avian influenza outbreak.

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Bamboo vinegar use as soil conditioner

Bamboo vinegar liquid can promote the growth of aerobic bacteria in the soil, inhibit the reproduction of harmful microorganisms, release nutrients solidified in the soil, improve the soil microbial structure, effectively reduce the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, and is better for solving soil continuous cropping obstacles. It can also better alleviate the degree of soil salinization and sub-salinization, adjust the soil pH value, promote the development of plant root systems, and improve the transplant survival rate of plants.

Bamboo vinegar use as pesticide synergist

Bamboo vinegar has strong penetrating power, can disperse pesticides well, has a certain spreading and adsorption effect, can improve pesticide activity and enhance the effect of pesticide use. After blending with acidic pesticides, the efficacy can be increased by 30% to 50%, the amount of pesticides used can be reduced by about 50%, secondary environmental pollution can be reduced, and the problem of planting pollution can be solved.

Bamboo vinegar use as additive in pharmaceutical

Effects of different concentrations of bamboo vinegar on the growth of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Bamboo vinegar at higher concentrations has an obvious inhibitory effect, and it also has a certain inhibitory effect on individual species of microorganisms at lower concentrations. Bamboo vinegar liquid is very effective against pathogenic dermatophytes, Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton gypsum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, as well as deep infections, fungi Candida albicans, Cryptococcus neoformans, and Aspergillus fumigatus. It has strong inhibitory ability and bactericidal effect, which is equivalent to that of the commercially available antibacterial drugs fluconazole and ketoconazole. In addition to its strong antibacterial and bactericidal effects, bamboo vinegar liquid can produce significant synergistic effects when combined with other drugs.

Bamboo vinegar liquid can produce obvious synergistic effects when combined with Coptis chinensis and Magnolia officinalis respectively, and the antibacterial effect is more obvious. Bamboo vinegar liquid can also be used in conjunction with other disinfectants. The product that is combined with bamboo vinegar liquid and nano-metal silver has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, especially a stronger antibacterial effect on mold. For example, it has a significant control effect on Trichoderma in mushroom production. In addition to its strong antibacterial and antibacterial abilities, bamboo vinegar liquid also has the effect of eliminating phlegm and relieving cough. In addition, bamboo vinegar liquid has a good skin care effect and is extremely effective in the treatment of skin diseases, acne, and athlete's foot. The polyphenols contained in bamboo vinegar can lubricate blood vessels and have a preventive effect on arteriosclerosis and cerebrovascular diseases. Bamboo acetic acid can fight allergies, and also has certain preventive and health care effects on diabetes, gout and other diseases.

Bamboo vinegar use as food additives and preservatives

Bamboo vinegar can replace the traditional fire roasting and smoking process still used in China and solve the pollution problem of food processing. The methods used in food processing are relatively simple. For example, the mixing method is suitable for liquid and fluid foods; the blending method is suitable for sausages, ham, etc.; the spreading method and dipping method are suitable for bacon, smoked fish, roast chicken, roast goose, etc.; The injection method is suitable for smoked canned foods; the spraying and spraying methods are suitable for smoked beans, smoked tofu cubes, fried tofu cubes, grilled fish fillets, etc.; the injection method is suitable for large-shaped food varieties such as ham. Bamboo vinegar can also be used as a preservative and flavoring agent in meat, sausages, and fish.

Bamboo vinegar use as feed additives in animal husbandry

Feces and urine are a mixture of odorous compounds. It is difficult for a single chemical to eliminate odors. Only mixed liquids such as bamboo vinegar can have this deodorizing effect because it inhibits the decomposition of proteins and prevents them from producing sulfur-containing chemicals. , thereby achieving the deodorizing effect. Adding bamboo vinegar to feed can also increase the reproduction of lactic acid bacteria, reduce abnormal fermentation in internal organs, especially in the intestines, promote digestion and absorption of animals, increase the appetite of livestock, promote their growth and development, reduce the content of saturated fatty acids in meat, and increase undesirable Saturated fatty acid content and improve its quality.

Bamboo vinegar use in sewage treatment

Using bamboo vinegar to treat sewage, only one part per million of bamboo vinegar can increase the CODcr (chemical oxygen demand) removal effect by 10%. Therefore, bamboo vinegar can save a lot of costs when treating domestic sewage. The volume ratio of bamboo vinegar liquid to sewage reaches 1/106. After standing for half an hour, the chemical oxygen demand of sewage is significantly reduced, and the quality of effluent is significantly improved. It is worth noting that bamboo vinegar liquid has no effect on the nitrogen and phosphorus content of sewage.

Bamboo vinegar for skin

In addition to acetic acid, bamboo vinegar liquid also contains a variety of pure natural ingredients such as alcohols, esters, aldehydes, etc., which can be added to beauty and skin care products without any side effects on the human body. The esters it contains have strong penetrating power and can replenish nutrients deep into the skin; the acetic acid it contains can soften the stratum corneum of the skin and has astringent effects; the alcohols it contains can clean the skin and sterilize it. effect. Therefore, bamboo vinegar liquid is a good product for beauty and skin care, and can be used to treat skin diseases. It has significant effects on acne (acne), athlete's foot, athlete's foot, etc.

Bamboo vinegar foot detox

It also named as Bamboo vinegar foot patch, a relatively common foot patch in clinical practice. It contains bamboo vinegar. This ingredient has strong adsorption capacity. When used under the guidance of a doctor, it can remove toxins from the body and also kill the feet. Removes bacteria from the feet and effectively removes foot odor. Especially for some people who are chewy and sweat frequently, the foot odor is relatively serious. Applying this medicine to the local area can play a recovery role.

bamboo vinegar foot pads benefits

The efficacy and function of bamboo vinegar foot patch:
1. It can easily remove toxins, clear the intestines and stomach, reduce excess fat, and rebuild a slim body. Improve human blood circulation through the physical adsorption of bamboo vinegar and the release of far-infrared rays from tomato red.

2. Adding bamboo vinegar, maltodextrin, and tomaline powder can release a large amount of far-infrared rays and negative ions, which are beneficial to the human body.

3.It can effectively kill foot bacteria, eliminate foot inflammation, inhibit the reproduction and growth of fungi, and remove foot odor. Bamboo grass acid foot stick can deeply remove turbid gas and grease in the body, and has good beauty effects.

Bamboo vinegar soap

Bamboo vinegar soap adds bamboo vinegar liquid to traditional soap, so the effect of bamboo vinegar liquid is that it has strong bactericidal properties and has few side effects on the human body. The main ingredients of bamboo vinegar soap are bamboo vinegar liquid and sodium fatty acid.

How to make bamboo vinegar?

Traditional bamboo vinegar manufacturing VS our new technique bamboo vinegar production
VSTraditional bamboo vinegar manufacturingnew technique bamboo vinegar production
Capacity1 ton fresh bamboo extract 15kg1 ton fresh bamboo extract 200kg
Bamboo vinegarBamboo vinegar mixed with tarnatural bamboo vinegar (100%)
Direct useNoYes
Contain tarHighLow
Production time2 - 10 days20 hours
Facilitybrick kilncontainer kiln dryer
Brix>5.00.8 - 2.0
Dissolved tar<1.5<0.005
Organic acid>5.0%0.08% - 0.2%
Traditional bamboo vinegar manufacturing
Two step manufacturing method
1.Bamboo charcoal manufacturing
2.Air collection
3.Condensation process
4.Bamboo tar collection
5.Distillation process
6.Bamboo vinegar collection
7.Bamboo tar collection

The collection of bamboo vinegar liquid should be carried out when the temperature of the chimney mouth of the charcoal kiln is between 80°C and 150°C. In order to obtain pure bamboo vinegar liquid, wood fuel is not suitable and should not be used in the process of burning bamboo charcoal. The bamboo vinegar liquid collected from the bamboo charcoal kiln is the original liquid, which can be refined through precipitation, filtration, and distillation to obtain pure bamboo vinegar liquid that meets the quality requirements. Bamboo vinegar liquid should be stored away from direct sunlight and is not suitable for storage in metal containers.
Manufacturing process as below image
New technique bamboo vinegar production
We use container kiln dryer to extract bamboo vinegar, it’s one step manufacturing method. Fresh bamboo in, top grade bamboo vinegar out. It’s natural bamboo vinegar, it can directly use as foliar fertilizer. No need to distill and separate bamboo vinegar and bamboo tar. 

How to purify the initial bamboo vinegar?

If you use bamboo vinegar traditional manufacturing method, then you need a vinegar making machine. It can purify bamboo vinegar from bamboo tar, but it’s still will contain little bamboo tar.

Bamboo vinegar VS bamboo tar

VSBamboo vinegarBamboo tar
ColorTransparent or light yellow liquidDark black or brown
SmellFlavorlessPungent smell
pH2.5 - 4.22.0 - 5.0

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Chemical composition of the bamboo vinegar


Specification of bamboo vinegar

ProductBamboo vinegar
ph2.8 - 4.2
Package25kg/tank; 1000kg/IBC Tank
ApplicationFarming, industrial odor treatment, additive for feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.

Bamboo vinegar price

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